CH Blackrock’s Free Fall

Born: May 17, 2006
AKC DNA# V436017
Sire: CH Blumoon’s Mission Control CD DD BNDD CGC
Dam: CH Norham’s Willow V Blackjack

Bred By: Dawn Cox & Patricia Mills
Owned By: Dawn Cox

And the future starts…

Frieda was my first home bred champion in many years. When her litter was first born, I just sat by the box and watched them twitch and grow. I knew almost immediately which one was for me, and I never let her alone. I would hold her in my lap, just a few weeks old, and talk to her about all of the fun we were going to have together.
As she grew up, it became amazingly clear that she resembled many of the Blackrock dogs in the past. Her head and movement were eerily similar to several of her ancestors and I could see those long ago dogs again in her eyes.
Now that she is finished with her Championship, Frieda’s favorite spot is on my lap while I watch TV. She doesn’t realized though that she is no longer that 5 week old puppy but a 95 pound dog, but she doesn’t mind, that is her spot and I just have to deal with it.
My hope is that Frieda can pass along her beautiful qualities of type, temperament and movement to her puppies, and that through her the excellence of Blackrock will live on.

  • [ PEDIGREE | Berner-Garde ]
  • OFA Hips Good BMD-14478G25F-PI
  • OFA Elbows Normal BMD-EL6300F25-PI
  • CERF Eyes Normal BMD-3984/2007
  • OFA Thyroid Normal BMD-TH292/25F-PI
  • VETGEN vWD genetic Carrier 41578

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